Best engagement ring style for every star sign or zodiac sign

engagement rings for girls

An engagement ring may be a ring indicating that the person wearing it’s engaged to be married, especially in Western cultures. a hoop is presented as an engagement gift by a partner to their prospective spouse once they propose marriage or directly after a wedding proposal is accepted.

Wedding ring

A wedding ring or wedding ring may be a finger ring that indicates that its wearer is married. it’s usually forged from metal and traditionally is forged of gold or another valuable.

Here are Best engagement ring for girls according to stars/ zodiac sign

Aries: marquise

This cut emphasises the utmost area of the central stone, oozing an expensive feel (because let’s be honest, luxury is everything in your books, #amiright?). Quality matters and this neat shape will give some added ‘oomph’ to your snazzy rock.

engagement ring marquise for aries

engagement ring for Aries
(Source: Pinterest)

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Taurus: cushion

The cushion cut is splendid-looking and creates a hard and fast, central ‘landing pad’ for your stone, keeping it nice and cosy and, most significantly, secure. you are doing not like losing things, Taurus.

taurus engagement ring cushion

engagement ring for Taurus
(Source: Pinterest)

Gemini: a coloured stone

Your zany, youthful, fun-loving personality is drawn to bright colours and sparkling gems, so you, of all the signs, can go a touch off-script with the selection of rock. Perhaps an emerald, pearl or Alexandrite (May and June’s birthstones).

engagement ring coloured for gemini

engagement ring for Gemini
(Source: Pinterest)

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Cancer: oval

Oval may be a very delicate, romantic style and you’re the good romantic of the zodiac, Cancer. Small pavé stones along with an adjacent band further enhance the whimsical-inspired setting. Super pretty and filled with detail, you’ll look at it forever.

engagement ring oval for cancer

engagement ring for cancer
(Source: Pinterest)

Leo: three stone

It’s flashy af, baby. Colossal, mammoth, copious and all-round whopping, you would like a hoop that nearly knocks people over once you show them. An in-your-face, triple-whammy of rocks.

engagement ring leo

engagement ring for Leo
(Source: Pinterest)

Virgo: emerald cut

This ultra-elegant cut will make your fingers look extra-long and slim, sort of a pianist. You appreciate gracefulness and class, and this ring delivers both.

engagement ring emerald cut for virgo

engagement ring for Virgo (Source: Pinterest)

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Libra: pear

Your planetary ruler, Venus, causes you to super-conscious of aesthetics; shape, texture, colour. This ornate, feminine cut will make your ring appear as if a gorgeous crystal tear-drop. Soooo pretty, even Venus herself would approve.

engagement ring pear pink for libra

engagement ring for libra
(Source: Pinterest)

Scorpio: halo

You’re a robust personality and you would like a strong, statement ring to match. The halo cut design places stones all round the central rock, creating an attention-grabbing effect, drawing other people’s attention (just like you).

engagement ring halo for scarpio

engagement ring for Scorpio
(Source: Pinterest)

Sagittarius: bezel

This cut is super-secure, which is vital for you Sagittarius, thanks to your hazardous escapades and adorably clumsy mishaps. a gorgeous (and practical) ring which isn’t getting to get lost/snagged/dented/chipped. It’s Sagittarius-proof!

engagement ring bezel for sagittarius

engagement rings for Sagittarius (Source: Pinterest)

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Capricorn: solitaire

A classic, regal style, the solitaire is for the more traditional at heart. you wish things which look how they’re alleged to, and this is often the archetype ring style.

engagement ring solitaire for capricorn

engagement rings for Capricorn (Source: Pinterest)

Aquarius: minimalist

Marriage is so not about the cash, or the bling, the dress, the trimmings and adornments. It’s about your love and commitment. So, you’re making a really Aquarian-style statement by having an excellent minimal and clean-looking ring.

engagement rings minimalist for aquarius

engagement rings for Aquarius (Source: Pinterest)

Pisces: vintage

The very concept your ring features a ‘past life’, a story, a fairy-tale history, and was maybe even possessed by a bride from way back sends a shiver of (pleasing) spookiness up your spine! you’re an ethereal and spiritual soul, Pisces.

engagement ring vintage for piesces

engagement ring for pieces (Source: Pinterest)

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