Facts of Derren Brown

  • Birth Date : February 27, 1971
  • Birth Place : Purley, United Kingdom
  • City : Purley, United Kingdom
  • Country : United Kingdom
  • Gender : Male
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Horoscope : Pisces
  • Net Worth : million
  • Height : 5.9 ft
  • Eye Color : Light Brown Eyes
  • Ethnicity : White
  • Father Name : Bob Brown
  • Mother Name : Chris Brown


Derren Brown is a well-known English illusionist, who can also be described as a magician, ‘mentalist’, author, and painter. A man of many talents! He is famous for his stage and television shows centered around illusion, magic, and mind control.

Family Life

Derren Brown was born in Purley, UK, in 1971. Purley is an affluent south London suburb, popular with families for its open green spaces. Derren’s parents were Chris and Bob Brown, and his younger brother is Dominic Brown, with 9 years difference between them. Derren attended Whitgift private school in Croyden, where his father was a swimming coach.


Derren went to University in Bristol where he studied Law and German, although he once stated that he had no interest in becoming a lawyer “or a German!” While at University, Derren went to shows performed by the hypnotist Martin S Taylor, which sparked his interest in hypnosis and illusion. Alongside his university studies, he started working as a magician, performing traditional magic tricks in local bars and restaurants. In 1992 Derren had his debut stage performance at his University, going under the stage name of Derren V. Brown.

Life Journey

Derren mentions that comedian and magician Jerry Sadowitz was integral to his journey to success. Derren and Sadowitz crossed paths at a magic shop in London where Sadowitz put Derren in contact with Objective Productions and television magician Andrew O’Connor. Through these connections, Derren went on to create his debut and award-winning television show Mind Control in 2000. In the show, Derren demonstrates a range of magic and psychic tricks performed on the audience using the power of suggestion and psychology. This was the first of many mind-bending shows that would have everybody talking.

Derren Brown’s Love of Casinos

Before his career as an illusionist took off, Brown was known for his love of playing blackjack in UK casinos. He was noticed by casino owners for his impressively long winning streaks and became somewhat of a casino celebrity. Nowadays, as an internationally recognized magician and illusionist, Derren is in fact banned from playing at many UK casinos. This is not down to any misgivings, but rather due to the ‘perception of deception’ that Derren has built around himself. With his track record of predicting the lottery, reading cards, and his claimed ability to read and influence people’s minds, it is no wonder he causes a stir in the casino world. As poker also relies on the ability to read other players, Derren’s career could give him an advantage that is bound to make his opponents tremble. For those of us without Derren’s unique poker skills, we might prefer a more traditional approach. There is a variety of casino sign-up offers and bonuses offered by trusted platforms, making the first spin a less daunting venture than playing opposite Derren Brown!

Some casinos however do welcome the publicity that Derren Brown brings. Derren captured this contradiction well when he described an incident at a casino in Birmingham, where he was escorted out of the casino but also had his photo taken outside by the owners. It is not uncommon for casinos to ban magicians like Derren Brown from taking part in betting, but they will allow or hire such artists to perform elsewhere in the casino, as entertainment for customers.

Master Illusionistd and magician Derren Brown

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TV Shows & Live Stunts

Derren is perhaps most famous for his television shows and live performances, as mentioned earlier. Following the popular Mind Control where Derren astonished audiences with his ability to manipulate human behavior, Derren went on to establish his own Vaudeville Productions. Since then, he has produced a variety of popular television series, each one more gripping and mysterious than its predecessor. In his second series Trick of the Mind (2004 – 2006) Derren produced a special episode called the Walking Dead, in which he ‘kidnaps’ the protagonist and places him in a real-life recreation of a video game where people have turned into zombies. Derren became well known for this type of real-life stunt, where the viewer is also the subject.

In his 2009 series The Events, Derren conducted a series of one-hour specials which he described as some of the most remarkable accomplishments to date. One of these included a live broadcast where Derren indicated he had predicted the winning National Lottery numbers. Another involved a hidden broadcast implying that viewers would become glued to their seats. And finally, a nerve-wracking attempt to predict the outcome of a roulette wheel, with an audience member’s savings placed on the result. Derren has a unique way of involving the viewer in every performance, making for a nail-biting experience.

Worth a mention is Derren’s 2003 television special Russian Roulette Live, which was exactly as the title suggests and attracted over three million viewers to tune in and watch Derren Brown apparently play Russian Roulette with his own life. He also conducted a live séance in 2004 where he invited viewers at home to take part and do the same at home. It is worth checking out Derren Brown’s official website for more information about his array of jaw-dropping stunts past, present, and future.

Personal Life

In 2007 Derren mentioned in an interview that he is gay. He has talked publicly about his relationships in the past, but he is not currently known to be dating anyone.

How Rich is Derren Brown?

Derren Brown is a prime example of someone who has worked his way to the top, and he now has an impressive net worth of $7.5 million. This value is linked to his popular television series, live performances, and shows, such as Trick of the Mind, Mind Control, and The Experiment. It is likely that Brown’s net worth will increase with time.

Net worth Salary
$7.5 million Under Review

Social Media followers

Derren has 122.5 thousand followers on Instagram, and he is relatively active on Twitter with 2.1 million followers. He recently tweeted about his upcoming tour Showman set to take place in Autumn 2021.

If the subject of magic and illusion has inspired you, you may like to check out other famous street magicians and their tricks, such as Julius Dean, David Blaine, or Dynamo, all of whom are up there in the weird and wacky world of illusion alongside Derren Brown.


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