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Here’s a breakdown of each Cobra Kai’s episode William Zabka made an appearance. Before Cobra Kai, actor William Zabka played a meta version of himself on How I Met Your Mother. Created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, the favored sitcom ran for nine seasons on CBS between 2005 and 2014. Starring Josh Radnor, it chartered the winding journey of Ted Mosby as he navigated love and life on the way to meeting the mother of his future children. How I Met Your Mother also starred Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, and Neil Patrick Harris.

Harris’s Barney Stinson was widely considered the show’s standout character. Barney was infamous for his womanizing ways and elaborate schemes. He equally harbored a particularly unique view of flicks. In How I Met Your Mother season 4, episode 15, “The Stinsons”, it had been established that Barney was predisposed to root for characters traditionally viewed as villains.

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Cobra Kai

These include Die Hard’s Hans Gruber and even the Terminator. Primarily, however, this quirk most passionately manifested with Barney’s support for The Karate Kid’s Johnny Lawrence (Zabka). As far as Barney was concerned, Johnny was a true hero and his loss to Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) within the film’s conclusion declared a haunting tragedy.

With the discharge of Cobra Kai, and it’s second life on Netflix, many have come somewhat around to Barney’s way of thinking. At the very least, it’s cast the characters with more reminder gray and blurred the excellence between heroes and villains. Whatever side of the fence individual fans land on, however, How I Met Your Mother took the gag to new levels later in its run. Zabka eventually emerged as a comical version of himself.

Embracing his role as Barney’s childhood hero, Zabka fed off the positive attention and reciprocated Barney’s devotion with, occasionally, equal fervor. As such, the actor made frequent guest appearances across the ultimate two seasons. Here’s an opportunity down of every one among them.

Cobra Kai’s: Season 8, Episode 22, “The Bro Mitzvah”

When secretly organizing Barney’s stag party, Robin sought to offer her fiance everything he wanted…but without him being conscious of it. an enormous a part of that was inviting Macchio to the event, knowing Barney didn’t really consider him the Karate Kid. When the reality of the ruse came to light, Barney was delighted by Robin’s deviousness and loved her all the more.

However, he lamented that his real childhood hero hadn’t made the looks he’d always wanted. it had been then that the party clown, who’d be hired to follow them around all night, removed his costume and make-up. Underneath it had been revealed to be Zabka himself, thus completing one among the simplest nights of Barney’s life. Wearing his full Cobra Kai gi, he celebrated Barney for being “one of the few people within the world who truly gets The Karate Kid movie”. An overjoyed Barney immediately screamed his name and pulled him into a hug.

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Cobra Kai’s: Season 9, Episode 4, “The Broken Code”

After discovering that Ted still had feelings for Robin and “had broken the bro code”, Barney angrily removed him because of the groomsman for his wedding. Ted learned this only after a group of humiliating tasks and when he discovered the pre-wedding poker was happening without him. When he asked what was happening, Barney answered that the simplest Man (and “the best around”) had moved the time up. It had been at that moment that Zabka turned and revealed that he was the one who’d stolen the slot. the choice was later reversed when Ted and Barney overcame the strain and reconciled. Zabka immediately vowed revenge, bitterly stating, “I’m coming for you, Mosby!”

Season 9, Episode 5, “The Poker Game”

Picking up with the last episode left off, the poker continued with Zabka still present. With Marshall absent and made to hitch in via a video call, Zabka placed his bets for him. The actor is additionally a witness when Robin wins the marriage ring of Barney’s brother, James, and later the blouse of Barney’s mother, Loretta. When Barney and Robin started arguing about it, Zabka seemingly left the space with Lily and Ranjit. it had been soon revealed, however, that each one three had merely hidden somewhere within the room to eavesdrop. Zabka emerged last from within the cushions of the sofa. He then left for real to assist Lily to confront an old flame that had taken credit for Ted’s wedding present.

Season 9, Episode 10, “Mom And Dad”

After Barney entrusted Ted with protecting a signed Gretzky photo for Robin, it soon got covered in ink. Switching into Detective Mosby mode, Ted established Zabka as his primary suspect. At first, the Cobra Kai actor produced a seemingly airtight alibi. As Ted and Lily dug deeper, however, they found it had been a ruse which Zabka was indeed the culprit. He promptly confessed to the sabotage (or, in Ted’s words, “Zabka-page”), having plotted to border Ted so he might be Barney’s groomsman again.

At an equivalent time, Zabka recounted what life had been like for him since 1984 — with him booed and pelted with popcorn wherever he goes. When calling his mother, even she booed him and revealed he was often excluded from Thanksgiving. In the end, Ted allowed Zabka to require credit for replacing the photo and saving the day. The move prompted Zabka to riff on his famous final line from The Karate Kid with “You’re alright, Mosby”.

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Cobra Kai’s: Season 9, Episode 20, “Daisy”

After an argument with Lily, Marshall found himself puzzling over where she’d vanished to for 3 hours. Furthermore, over breakfast with Ted and Barney, Marshall questioned why she had changed her mind about moving to Italy. Zabka and Ranjit were also present. In fact, it had been Zabka that offered Marshall his first clue — revealing that he’d seen Lily outside of a store at 3 am, before stepping into a car owned by The Captain (Kyle MacLachlan). Zabka then drove with the gang to copy Marshall in confronting him. He remained present as Detective Mosby resurfaced and incorrectly announced that he’d solved the mystery. Believing that Lily had merely resumed smoking, Ted pulled out a positive bioassay instead of a cigarette from the soil of a potted daisy. “You can smoke those?” Zabka humorously asked.

Season 9, Episode 21, “Gary Blauman”

William Zabka as Himself Alyson Hannigan as Lily Aldrin Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother
During a date with Cristin Milioti’s Tracy McConnell (aka The Mother), Ted told her the story of Gary Blauman. After he turned up unexpectedly at the marriage of Barney and Robin. The gang was divided on whether to form room for him or demand that he leave. While Lily was in favor of him staying, Ted and Barney were vehemently against. With Marshall serving as a judge, the three revealed their respective reasons for either loving or hating Blauman. Which ranged from narrowly avoided tattoo disasters to the stealing of an accidental curly fry. Zabka, overhearing the name, soon interjected. Joining Lily’s side, Zabka revealed that he also loved Blauman.

Despite only meeting him ten minutes before, Zabka was moved by the very fact Blauman recognized him for his poetry instead of The Karate Kid. The episode would feature some choice references to the film, including Barney threatening to possess Zabka crane-kick Blauman within the face. “It’s not even my move,” Zabka insisted. “If i used to be gonna do anything, I’d sweep the leg and put you during a personnel pouch. Everyone knows that.” the top of the episode revealed that Zabka would continue to win the American Humanities Medal for Literature.

Cobra Kai’s: Season 9, Episode 22, “The End Of The Aisle”

William Zabka as Himself Tim Gunn as Himself How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 22
Zabka’s final appearance occurred within the episode before HIMYM’s polarizing two-part finale. Having overcome their timidity and respective panic attacks, Barney and Robin finally said, “I do”.

As they exchanged rings and vows, several recurring guest-stars were glimpsed among the gang watch. A smiling Zabka was one among them. Seen just for a couple of seconds, he was seated next to Tim Gunn. Who had also played a version of himself? The previous episode had documented the Fates of its regular supporting characters. Therefore, the brief glimpse was all that was needed to place a final stamp on the varied threads of the marriage storyline.

On the entire, Zabka’s arc across the show really lends credence to the thought that How I Met Your Mother directly influenced the creation of The Karate Kid continuation. After all, everything Zabka did was about emerging from the shadow of being seen as a villain. The trail is thematic almost like the one Johnny Lawrence would tread years later. Both shows also greatly blend comedic and dramatic elements, serving as equally positive showcases for Zabka’s talents. As such, it is easy why fans were since vocal in their desire to ascertain the other side of the meta coin — and have Harris play a task on Cobra Kai.

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