A cheap, common, and widely-used steroid called dexamethasone has become the primary drug shown to be ready to save the lives of COVID-19 patients in what scientists said may be a “major breakthrough” within the coronavirus pandemic.

Trial results announced on Tuesday showed dexamethasone, which is employed to scale back inflammation in other diseases like arthritis, reduced death rates by around a 3rd among the foremost severely ill COVID-19 patients admitted to hospital.

The preliminary results, which haven’t been peer-reviewed, suggest the drug should immediately become standard care in patients with severe cases of the pandemic disease, said the researchers who led the trials.

They said they might work to publish the complete details of the trial as soon as possible, with some scientists saying they wished to review the evidence for themselves.

Britain’s health ministry wasted no time, saying the drug had been approved to be used within the state-run health service, export restrictions had been introduced and 200,000 courses of the treatment had been stockpiled.

“This may be a (trial) result that shows that if patients who have COVID-19 and are on ventilators or are on oxygen are given dexamethasone, it’ll save lives, and it’ll do so at a remarkably low cost,” said Martin Landray, an Oxford University professor co-leading the trial, referred to as the RECOVERY trial.

“It’s getting to be very hard for any drug really to exchange this, as long as for fewer than 50 pounds ($63), you’ll treat eight patients and save a life,” he said in a web briefing.

His co-lead investigator, Peter Horby, called dexamethasone “a major breakthrough.”

There are currently no approved treatments or vaccines for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, which has killed quite 431,000 people globally.

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England’s chief medic, Chris Whitty, said Tuesday’s announcement was “the most vital trial result for COVID-19 thus far .”

His deputy, Jonathan Van-Tam, said the results highlighted the importance of properly conducted clinical trials and robust data.

The RECOVERY trial compared outcomes of around 2,100 patients who were randomly assigned to urge the steroid, with those of around 4,300 patients who didn’t catch on.

“We hope the info on which these results are based are going to be published as soon as possible in order that doctors can confidently put the treatment into practice,” said Robin Ferner, an honorary professor of clinical pharmacology at the University of Birmingham.

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How dexamethasone works ?

The results suggest one death would be prevented by treatment with dexamethasone in every eight ventilated COVID-19 patients. Landray said, and one death would be prevented in every 25 COVID-19 patients.which received the drug and were on oxygen.

Dr. Thomas McGinn, deputy physician-in-chief at Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare system, told Reuters that physicians at Northwell hospitals are using steroids on a case-by-case basis because they will suppress patients’ immune systems and possibly make them vulnerable to other infections.

He said that if the info is peer-reviewed and legitimized, it could spread the utilization of steroids within the sickest COVID-19 patients.

“Across the country now intensivists are using it supported their judgment calls. If this is often legitimate, you’ll find … rather than saying five out of 10 intensive-care COVID patients getting it, maybe everybody would catch on,” McGinn said.

Dexamethasone is on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s list of medicine in shortage, but several manufacturers, including the most important supplier to us, say it’s available.

Among patients with COVID-19 who didn’t require respiratory support, there was no enjoy a treatment with dexamethasone.

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