Now the tom parker and Kelsey have announced they have another little child on the way.

The Wanted star Tom Parker and his significant other Kelsey are set to become guardians for a subsequent time.

The previous kid musician, 31, got married in 2018 and just invited their girl Aurelia Rose 11-months-prior; and now the couple has declared they have another little pack in transit.

Tom admitted that he’s not ‘readied’ to invite his second kid into the world, in light of the fact that turning into a father just because to Aurelia – who turns one in June – had been a ‘tornado’.

He told OK! Magazine: ‘I don’t have the foggiest idea whether I’m set up for it! Aurelia has been a hurricane and out of nowhere we have another infant in transit!’

Kelsey said that, while Tom was stunned by the news, she wasn’t by any means.

She likewise proposed that she is trusting they’ll grow their brood considerably further later on, however, that she doesn’t know whether that is the thing that Tom needs.

tom parker child

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Tom Parker Children, Family Plan

She stated: ‘I wasn’t shocked however Tom certainly was. I had quit breastfeeding Aurelia, and that can make you progressively powerless against getting pregnant.

‘I need a major family so I would prefer simply complete it over and. I’d prefer to have three or four, yet I don’t have the foggiest idea of how Tom feels about that.’

Kelsey had a notion that she was pregnant and after she stepped through the examination, she shocked Tom with the news, and he was overwhelmed with ‘an influx of nervousness’.

She shared: ‘I did a pregnancy test at my mum’s home as I just felt like I could be. I rang Tom and advised him to come over – he did not understand at all.

‘At the point when he showed up, I stated, “I gave you a present,” and gave him the test. He resembled, “What the heck? I simply had a rush of uneasiness.”‘

Tom likewise opened up about the difficulties he looked as another father and conceded he felt like his life had ‘flipped around’ from the start. Be that as it may, when the tot began ‘grinning and snickering’ and was out of the ‘infant’ stage, he had the option to ‘unwind’ more.

He clarified: ‘It’s such an acclimation to your past life. You lose the opportunity of having the option to would whatever you like to do on the grounds that you have another human to be answerable for.

‘When I got over the underlying stun of my life being flipped around, I was alright.

‘At the point when she was out of the infant stage and was grinning and chuckling, that caused me to unwind into being a parent.’


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